The benefits of Corten steel garden edging

These days most landscaping experts make use of Corten steel as a feature in the garden. It is used as garden edging to decorate outdoor fire pits. One of the main reasons why it is so popular with landscapers is because that it is a low maintenance material yet at the same time it as an attractive option to give a natural look to your garden.

About Corten steel

Corten steel is also known as weathering steel. Although it is a copyrighted name originating in the US, it is now normally referred to a whole range of any steel product which would develop a protective layer of rust when it is exposed to the elements.

The advantages of Corten steel garden edging

  • One of the benefits of Corten edging is that it is completely maintenance free. It is also quite functional and does not require any sort of pre treatment before installation. If you are looking for a garden edging which doesn’t require a great deal of upkeep, you should definitely consider using corten steel to be used as garden edging material.
  • It also does not require a layer of paint or any kind of seal because it has a natural rust like look which is usually formed after the steel develops a protective layer of rust over several years.
  • It is resistant to corroding. Other metals which have a tendency to corrode when placed in the open air, corten steel retains its look.
  • When the metal is exposed to the cold air it tends to crack open however this is not the case with Corten.
  • It tends to become more durable as time passes by. When it is exposed to the weather it tends to become harder.
  • It has a distinctive and modern look about it and is an interesting looking landscape design feature. There are different corton steel garden edging designs that will give your garden character.

Tips before you install corten steel garden edging

If you are considering using Corten steel in your garden make sure to keep the following things in mind:

  • Make sure then the corten steel is installed away from any surface which is prone to staining. Also take care that any of the drainage or the runoff should not come in the way of the edging.
  • It is advised to place the Corten material onto the pebbled or the mulch so that the impact of the runoff can be minimized.
  • If you are considering growing vegetables inside the aging there would be some run off into the soil. However it is still considered safe to grow edibles inside the corten edging.
  • If you are still worried about your edible garden, you may talk to a landscaping expert. They can cover the interior of the planters with a waterproofing coat.
  • You should also keep in mind that during the hot weather the steel can absorb the heat and become quite warm to touch. However this heat can actually be beneficial for the plants because it keeps the soil warm.

The above are a few benefits of using Corten steel as garden edging material.