Information on intercom and security in Brisbane

Intercom refers to communication devices used within a given premise or a vehicle. They are usually mounted on vehicles or buildings for a lifetime. Many organisations in Brisbane have incorporated these systems on their premises, and it proves to be useful. It facilitates communication between people inside and outside of a building. It makes it easy to identify persons and also allows the team to know what is transpiring within a building and even be aware of security breaches (for video intercom). The following are the types of intercoms and how they work.

Types of intercom systems

Wireless intercoms – does not involve any cabling. They use radio waves for signal transmission. Any signal interference experienced can distort signal transmission in wireless intercoms, which may, in turn, disrupt communication. An advantage of it is that it does not need any installation expertise because it is readily usable.

Hard-wired intercom (wired intercoms) – they require cabling and installation into the premises. They are fixed when the building is still under construction. Their main advantage is that they do not face signal interference since the wires are enclosed inside an insulator.

Carrier-Current intercoms – are integrated into the internal electrical wiring of a building, and it utilises the premise’s electricity. They have poor audio quality than that of the wired intercoms.

Automated gate-entry intercoms – are used for remote opening and closing of doors/gates. Some of the automated get-entry intercoms are integrated with video and voice recorders that help to identify the person before opening for them, thus improving the security of the premise.

Security benefits of intercom systems

Intercom systems control access to a particular area – you can give access to few trusted individuals, and the rest can request passage via the intercom system, this way, you have full control of that place, and the place remains well secured.

It facilitates surveillance systems – intercom systems are an additional advantage to the surveillance systems on the premises. They enable the team to quickly get to a specific individual and involve them in communication without necessarily being physically in one place.

It works side by side with the guards – you can quickly contact your security guards and instruct them what to do after discovering a security breach or a suspected burglary. The security guards will get the precise location of the incident within the premise and know the best way to deal with such an event.

Facilitates mass communication within an organisation – intercommunication devices enable information to reach many people within the organisation instantly, and simultaneously, this can be handy, especially in cases of emergencies such as a fire outbreak. You can quickly instruct the people within the premise on the emergency exit way and fire-fighting points to avoid panic and careless running within the building.

Factors to consider before ordering an intercom system

Intercom systems are helpful and are used by many organisations within Brisbane, Australia. They are of different types, and an organisation will opt to go for one that meets its requirements. Some of these intercom systems are more resilient and sophisticated than others. Before going for such equipment, you must consider some factors:

Size of your premise – for larger premises, you need the most sophisticated system that can serve the entire premise effectively and efficiently.

Cost of the intercom system – The amount of money you have will also determine the type of equipment you can deploy on your premises.

Security of your premise – a well-secured building, does not need robust intercom systems but one that will only facilitate the current system.

Maintenance cost – you should select the one that is less costly to maintain and very easy to deploy.

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