Sometimes the most useful tips on how to furnish your home are those that explain  what not to do . Because, maybe when you have a small house and you want to spend little , with original ideas  you can create a respectable DIY decor . The designers of Houzz have compiled the guide of the errors not to commit in the furnishing of the house .

Choose accessories with little care

The first mistake to be avoided is to choose the furnishings that superficially deserve the same attention that we use for the purchase of furniture. Also because, it must be emphasized, a wrong accessory can ruin all the furniture. Carpets, cushions, tableware must be selected with the utmost care.

Hang the paintings at random

Another mistake to avoid, when furnishing a house , is to hang pictures and pictures on the walls randomly and without a logical thread . We must always study the layout with great care to give some coherence to the walls of the house.

For example, all too often, the paintings are hung too high . Instead, they should be placed more or less 160 cm from the ground (taking the lower side as a reference). And they should be “grouped” into a single wall, assembling them in color and size, perhaps even combining antique and modern, alternating with family photos and children’s drawings.

Create monochrome environments

A total white environment is likely to draw an aseptic room , just as a very dark room could be dismal. It is better, therefore, to avoid furnishing in a monochromatic manner, focusing on the liveliness of accessories and paintings , to break up the chromatic monotony .