House Painting Tips for Beginners

Thinking about painting your room? Maybe you feel inspired by all the beautiful paint jobs shown in interior design magazine or you just want to change the way your room looks. Nothing can change the façade like a well done paint job. However, if you are a beginner you may be wondering how you can do a bit of house painting on your own? There is not really a great deal to it. You just need to keep the following tips in mind to ensure that you paint just like a pro:

House painting tips from experts

  • Make use of a tack cloth. It’s a basic painting tool which isn’t too expensive either. The tack cloth helps get rid of the saw dust and dust from the surface. In other words it can help you get rid of the debris which has become tuck on the surface. The tack cloth is best for doors, windows and smaller surfaces.
  • Invest in high quality rollers or brush. The cheaper ones tend to leave lint onto the walls and the result is not quite professional looking. Also brushes of inferior quality leave streaks onto the wall. It’s always better to pay a little extra for good quality brushes and rollers.
  • Buy the right kind of paint. Keep in mind that there is a whole lot of variety available in the market. It all depends upon the kind of look you are aiming for. If you want a matt finish you should invest in a matt emulsion paint. On the other hand if you are looking for texture or design there are textured paints and faux pints available as well. No matter which kind of paint you buy, do make sure that its high quality. The right paint would give your walls a better finish.
  • You would also need to prep the walls before applying a coat of paint. The previous pint needs to be scarped of so that the new paint can adhere to.
  • Do wear latex glove when you start painting. It helps keep your hand protected and clean.
  • Invest in painters tape. While it is expensive but an investment which is worth all the money that you spend. It helps protect the surfaces which don’t need to be painted. Plus it prevents splashes of paints falling onto areas which should remain clean.
  • Always keep a wet edge while painting. This way you get an idea where you need to start from. This also prevents over painting over a surface and prevents the light and dark areas which might spoil the look of your paint.
  • Use masking tape to protect areas which don’t require painting upon. This is one tool which professional painters make use and not a lot of people know about it.
  • Once the painting job is finished always clean the brushes and the rollers so that these can be used the next time with ease.

While painting on your own can be fun at times it’s just not possible to handle everything on your own. In that case, make sure you hire professional house painters.