Choosing the best caravan awnings to suit your needs

Whether the road trip is taken all alone, with a spouse, or with kids, the big difference to a successful experience is helped by the choice of caravan awnings. But, what exactly are caravan awnings?

What is a caravan awning?

A three-sided tent that protects you from all the weather elements as well as provides valuable extra space is probably the best description of a caravan awning. The transformation to the way you use the caravan can become massively different with the help from a caravan awning.

A caravan awning can double your space to make it like an additional living area and also protects from all weather conditions. These significant features alone make caravan awnings an essential piece of equipment for people that love to go on long road and camping trips.

What are the different kinds of caravan awnings?

Choosing the right caravan to invest in is an important decision. So is choosing the right caravan awning to perfectly fit your caravan and your needs. The market today offers caravan awnings that are meant to suit any caravan. However, owning a folding or pop-top van needs a different type of caravan awning.

Full awning

A full awning provides a bigger space or room to relax, sleep, cook, or store extra materials. This type of awning is so big it can fit the whole length of the caravan. Depending on the weather conditions, the removable panels or large zipped doors can stay closed or left open.

Awning annex

An awning annex can be used to replace one of the side panels of an existing caravan awning. Opting for the annex provides additional space that can act as an extra bedroom.

Canopy awning

A caravan’s side can either be fitted permanently or temporarily with canopy awnings. Pair of integral poles that serve as legs and fabric walls are the usual designs of canopy awnings.

Porch awning

The door of the caravan is the perfect spot to fit a porch awning. The small space created by the awning provides a good space for holding muddy boots and wet coats. This prevents anything wet from entering the van. The extra space provided by a porch awning is also great for storing bikes or beach items.

Choosing the right awning for your caravan

The instant extra space provided by a caravan awning is just one of the great things you can enjoy with the right awning. There’s a host of good things in store for you when you choose the right awning. Selecting the right caravan awning needs the following things to consider, including:

The number of people travelling with you

An annex awning will be the perfect choice for travelling with a spouse. However, a group of 4-5 people travelling together needs a larger awning. The activities that you’ll be involved in is also another thing to consider. Going for awnings that provide a lot of extra space will work perfectly with happy hours or get-togethers.

The size of your caravan

The dimensions of your caravan should be taken into consideration when it comes to awnings. Unless you’re fine with freestanding awnings, measuring the height from the roof of the caravan to the ground is crucial when you want the perfect awning.

Knowing the things you need to consider helps to narrow down the search for the perfect caravan awnings for your needs.